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At ACCE, we are passionate about technology, service and innovation which suit the requirements of our customers as per modern trend. Founded in 2017, Our evolution is embodied in steady and significant growth that ACCE has seen since 2017, ACCE has continued to be India most trusted product developer and supplier with multi channel retail experience. The concept offers superior experience and customized offerings on latest technology related to EMI Locker. We take pride introducing our products under Make in India initiative

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About EMI Locker

For Retailer

The entire Process of Activating the App is undertaken by the Retailer. The process is very easy and user friendly, allowing retailers to remotely lock handsets upon non-repayment of EMI.

For Finance.

Retailers can remotely unlock handsets once the outstanding EMI amount has been cleared by the customer.

For Customer

Customers can track their lock/unlock status, payments and outstanding balance from within the App.

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Emi Locker

Easy EMI Financing

Emi Activation/Deactivation

Emi Purchasing Product

Low Interest Product for Customer

With Other Benifits for Customer

Security and Privacy with Always

Hassle Free Process

Ensuring Customer Privacy

For Business Enterprise for Admin

EMI Lock is a feature that allows a merchant or retailer to remotely lock a customer's phone when an EMI payment fails. If a customer purchases a phone on EMI and then fails to pay the balance due on time, the merchant/retailer can remotely lock the customer's phone through the portal.

EMI Unlock is just the opposite of EMI lock where the merchant/retailer can unlock a customer's locked phone upon successful payment of due EMI.

EMI remove allows a retailer to remove the app from the customer's phone upon completing all EMI payments.

Feature of EMI Locker App

Automation Task for Enterprise on Business Customer

All Control the status on Customer

Control the Activation Status

Retailer and Enterprice have both responsable for Active/Deactive

Admin Access

In that Case Enterprice and Retailer


Benificial for Customer and Business

Get low cost EMI

Retailer-dependent decision-making process Available for all new and refurbished phones All phones come with warranty covered by us

New to Old Refurbished Phone

It is available for both New and refurbished handsets.

Low Risk for Damage

All Handsets are come with warenty and Emi.

Benifiets for Customer

Because of the easy EMIs available, customers can buy a better version of the smartphones they want. They can afford to expand their budget and invest in a smartphone from a higher price band because there is no pressing obligation to pay the entire amount upfront.

Benifiets for Retailers.

Retailers will have more opportunities to expand their customer base and move their inventory. Additionally, more people would visit their stores. The retailer has complete control over the phone until the full amount is paid


Retailers can directly connect to customers without involving an intermediary.


Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a Finance option for the customers those who are unable to purchase Handsets from organized finance due to obligations from Banks. The retailers would be the Only decision maker for giving this facility to the customers.

The entire Process of Activating the App would be done by the Retailer. The process is very easy and user friendly for the retailers. Most important requirement for activating this App is The IMEI number and the Activation Key(Provided by ACCE Global).

The retailer will have the rights where he/she would be able to trigger the option for locking the handsets. Once the Lock Handset option is triggered the customer won’t be able to use the handset till the time it is unlocked.

The Unlocking procedure would only again be with the Retailers only. There would be another tab namely EMI Unlock. Once the EMI payment is received the retailer can unlock the handset from his end.

Once all the agreed EMIs completed from the customer’s end, Retailer will trigger the EMI Remove’ option. The Retailer will no longer have the access to customer’s handset.

No, this is only for the Handsets as of Now.

Priced at INR 499/- for 2 years


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